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Hello friends! That ended the "crypto-winter." We all should now learn certain lessons taught by her. And the main one is that wealth appears "out of nowhere" only in fairy tales or as a result of incredible luck, which you can't really count on. In fact, only hard work is a source of reliable income. Cryptocurrency is by no means a “philosopher’s stone” that turns everything around into gold; it is simply a magnificent form of money for which there are no state borders, inflation, outside control and censorship, that cannot be faked. The BITCONSUM team is firmly convinced that in subsequent years the basis for the growth of cryptocurrency will be their massive use in real business: in the production of goods and the provision of services, in trade, in lending. On you can place your offers in the field of practical use of cryptocurrency in a completely free and free way in order to simplify their search for buyers and investors in your country, in your city, on your street, here and now. Successes to you, friends!